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Scan your surroundings with high degree of accuracy with your hands-on radar 


Anonymously learns about crowded locations from other users


Monitors, collects and analyzes the interaction times and relative distances from other users


SEAgnal in real-time operation

What is SEAgnal?

SEAgnal is a radar app which aims to equip you with location awareness of other users in your vicinity, by providing instant scan of your radar on-the-go. SEAgnal is the first app that offers such a unique functionality, and it creates such a fantastic experience while maintaining your data privacy. To do so, SEAgnal generates a random anonymous user identifier continuously and operates without connecting your phone to others. 

What is an example of SEAgnal’s user-cases?

SEAgnal takes the common radar functionality to another level. Imagine a case where you are walking in a room and suddenly you see a closed door that leads to another room. How many people are in that other room and where are they exactly? SEAgnal allows you to “see” through that door and into the other room, before even walking in! This is a must-have app for social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is also a cool-to-have app for interactive games, and for socializing!

What else does SEAgnal have to offer? 

SEAgnal is an information tool which helps you monitor and manage your interactions with other users on a daily basis. 

SEAgnal provides hyper-local contextual awareness by accumulating anonymous geo-location data to determine crowded regions.

How does SEAgnal work?

SEAgnal uses Apple’s Core Motion framework to obtain the orientation and displacement of each device and Apple’s Core Bluetooth to acquire Received Signal Strength Index (RSSI) values. SEAgnal calculates the true range and direction of incoming Bluetooth signals by using proprietary advanced estimation algorithms. 

What are SEAgnal’s main features?

  • Determines the nearby users’ range and direction with respect to yourself

  • Determines whether the nearby users are approaching you or moving away from you

  • Monitors Behind-the-Wall movements

  • Supports multi-users detection 

  • Monitors, collects and analyzes hourly and daily the interaction times and relative distances from other users

  • Organizes and classifies map locations based on the number of interaction densities

  • Anonymously learns about crowded locations from other users

How to benefit from SEAgnal?

We urge any recognized institution, such as a government entity, hospital, insurance company, university or any local authorities who believe that can be benefited by implementing our app to address social distancing and prevent contact tracing, to contact us and request a copy of our app in TestFlight mode. We believe that by testing our app the above mentioned institutions can better understand the value propositions of our unique features for their own user-specific applications. According to App Store’s policy 5.1.1 (xi) which states “Apps that provide services in highly-regulated fields (such as banking and financial services, healthcare, and air travel) or that require sensitive user information should be submitted by a legal entity that provides the services, and not by an individual developer,” and since IOSEA is a private company and cannot distribute this app under its institutional name, we want to be a community app that provides high contextual awareness to its users and help them practice social distancing more efficiently. We also want to give the users the means to avoid crowded spaces and authorities a way to anonymously monitor user’s interactions and people movement flow in different spaces. 

SEAgnal technology is not limited to its use as an app on smartphone. This technology can be easily integrated into any types of wearables, so we encourage anyone interested in integrating this technology into their devices to contact us.

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