SEAgnal™ AoA/AoD Software

Firmware and Application Layer

IOSEA’s SEAgnal™ AoA/AoD Software consists of necessary software at firmware and application layer. The firmware allows for antenna control of optimized antenna hardware systems and high-efficiency data acquisition. At the application layer, the software contains the complex algorithm that is used by a processor to calculate either angle of arrival or the angle of departure accurately.  The PDM or proprietary device model that is a derivative of the IOSEA’s Optimized Hardware is used to customize the entire AoA/AoD Software; this includes filtering the noise, reflection, and interference.  Host options of AoA/AoD software include device, edge, or cloud which can accommodate integration within the customer's unique network architecture.



IOSEA’s hosted cloud solutions provide processing scalability and software libraries that can be applied dynamically to accommodate changes in traffic and complexity.


Data Transfer and Processing leading to high resiliency. Format of data acquisition allows for efficient data transfer and minimizes the data overhead requirement. As a result of efficient data acquisition, filter, and efficient code, the processing requirement is minimized for each calculation. Filtering at the chip level eliminates erroneous and unintended signal data resulting from noise, reflection, and interference.


IOSEA’s AoA/AoD Software provides accurate and reliable results.  Calculated angles are within a 3D accuracy of 1-2 degrees resulting in 10 cm position accuracy rivaling more expensive technology.