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We Help You Achieve Sub meter Accuracy and Reliability Indoors

  • Accurate and Reliable are the hallmark traits for IOSEA solutions and are the result of IOSEA’s ability to optimize the antenna system through precise computer modeling and application of advanced signal processing algorithms that mitigate the effects of multi-path

  • SEAgnal currently provides AoA/AoD solutions for BLE 5.1 with 3D angular accuracy of 2 degrees resulting in 10cm position accuracy rivaling more expensive technologies.

It starts with IOSEA’s Small Form Factor Antenna Arrays

  • IOSEA’s Design expertise of Antenna Arrays make for a perfect partner for designing the hardware that allow for integration of RF direction finding and real time location feature into your next device.

  • IOSEA has unique ability to design antenna arrays that pack in more antenna elements at a reduced footprint by as much as 70% based on using conventional antenna design theory; this is enabled by IOSEA’s proprietary intellectual property, SEAgnal


It gets better with SEAgnal AoA/AoD Algorithms

SEAgnal AoA/AoD (Angle of Arrival/Angle of Departure) Software Algorithms include IOSEA’s proprietary pre-filter firmware at chip level for rf signal; and various host options for processing for AoA/AoD that mitigate effects of multipath and have low bandwidth processing requirements

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