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Indoor Location Finding Solutions

Enabling devices and applications with

accurate location data acquisition


SEAgnal   Technology


  • Represents the proprietary and patent-pending technology for IOSEA’s Indoor Direction Finding (DF) and Real-Time Location (RTL) solutions

  • Solutions that are scalable, efficient, and accurate

  • Based on advanced electromagnetic and signal processing algorithms

  • Applicable to complex environments

  • Host options include the device, edge, or cloud 

  • Licensed to chip manufacturers, wireless service providers, device makers, and other partners





  • Asset Management
    tracking against theft, geofencing, inventory management

  • Proximity Marketing
    contextual marketing,
    behavioral analytics


  • Access Control
    secure building access

  • Authentication Verification verification of person or asset location


  • Real-Time Location System
    way-finding, indoor navigation, finding objects

  • Operations and Logistics
    smart logistics,
    location-aware scheduling


  • Device/Process Automation
    track and trace,
    workflow optimization and safety


  • Contact Tracing / Social Distancing 
    safety and workflow optimization

  • Smart Surroundings
    location-aware devices

  • Keyless Entry
    secure multi-point verification

  • Augmented Reality
    interact with others through context awareness

AoA / AoD Solution for BLE 5.1

Combining hardware and software for a total solution


Find Your SEAgnal


IOSEA technology offers solutions that are scalable, efficient, and accurate. These hallmark features make IOSEA the best choice for your location solution.


Scale through Flexibility

SEAgnal   technology is designed and built to scale.  Seeking customers that have the best products with high growth potential, IOSEA recognizes the importance of designing solutions that fully scale with the clients’ expectations and ecosystem. IOSEA technology is robust; it is proven beyond a lab environment, and fully tests solutions beyond normal situations and in varying environments.



Efficiency in Customization

IOSEA's Proprietary Device Model (PDM) ensures optimal hardware and software performance that fits any devices' and applications' requirements. This process can satisfy the most challenging requirements and results in optimal size, weight, and power (SWAP) designs with high cost-efficiency.


Superior Accuracy

IOSEA's solutions can be integrated with stationary or mobile devices. Each device can support multiple other devices, regardless of the distance that separates them, and is able to locate them within centimeter accuracy. Based on system configuration and environment, SEAgnal  

technology gives customers the most cost-efficient and accurate solution for their devices and/or applications. 






IOSEA is a private company focused on developing accurate indoor location technology.

Founded in 2019 by a team of engineers with multidisciplinary knowledge who shared the same passion to change the way we think about indoor location.

Developed frequency and protocol agnostic technology which resulted in combined hardware/software and software-only solutions.  Initial solutions were based on the BLE platform and focused on the antenna system. 

IOSEA recognizes that Bluetooth has had false starts when it comes to location technology and thus seeks to change the past negative stigma by unlocking the true potential of BLE platforms for indoor location finding applications.




IOSEA's expertise lies within our ability and flexibility in providing customized and fully integrable solutions to our customers' devices and/or applications.

By employing novel system modeling and advanced proprietary algorithms, we provide solutions for the most challenging cases, with the best possible accuracy and performance in a short period of time.


More specifically, IOSEA's software serves to solve multipath interference problems associated with indoor environments while also allows antenna designs of asymmetric form and miniature size. 

We seek to change the paradigm of indoor location finding by re-defining its limitations.


IOSEA envisions SEAgnal

technology's widespread adoption  and usage in cellphones, wearables and networked devices.

We believe that solving many of the current problems in the location finding space requires unique interdisciplinary knowledge of both signal processing and electromagnetics combined with the most practical and optimized software applications.


We also seek to apply our technology to improve performance for Ultrawideband and 5G platforms in the near future.


System Integrators

Bring SEAgnal technology within your ecosystem and enable your end-to-end applications and systems with accurate location.

Chip Vendors

Work with IOSEA to integrate our SEAgnal solution within your modules and SoC's. We can provide customizable hardware to demonstrate the optimal performance of your silicon. 

Device Manufacturers

Unlock the true location finding potential using Bluetooth in your device and enable new applications.

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Partnership Opportunities

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IOSEA’s SEAgnal proprietary hardware/software employs Nordic’s nRF52833 SoC as the foundation for real time location systems featuring 10cm precision

New frequency- and protocol-agnostic technology make it easier for developers to incorporate RF-based location finding into their latest products.

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